Nordstrom Rack: App Enhancement

Problem: Shoppers enjoy the competitive prices that Nordstrom Rack offers, but often get overwhelmed by the lack of organization and customer service.

Solution: Personalizing the shoppers' in-store and app experience with an app enhancement that will allow users to find in-stock items, locate them, and check-out items with their phones. This will decrease the workload for employees, allowing them to offer higher quality customer service.

Tools: Sketch, Paper & Pen

Participants: 2 group members & Myself

My Role Research, Persona Development, Storyboarding, Journey Mapping, & Low-Fi Wireframing



Journey Mapping

Low-Fi Sketching


High-Fidelity Mockups

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Enhancing the current Nordstrom Rack app would help customers that feel overwhelmed by the product in their brick-and-mortar stores by providing personalized product suggestions, helping shoppers locate said items, and allowing them the option to self-checkout.

This feature would alleviate the workload of employees, so they can focus on providing higher quality customer service, resulting in an increase of in-store sales and customer satisfaction.