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Nordstrom Rack: Case Study

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Media Used: Sketch, Illustrator, & Invision

Group: 3 group members.

My Role: Research, Design, & Presentation


Research & Synthesis


Storyboarding Quick Sketches:

Journey Mapping:


Quick Sketch Wireframes:

Digital Wireframing:

High Fidelity Wireframes & Prototyping:

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Next Steps:

Since this app is a new concept for many users, it would be valuable to perform a cognitive walkthrough to ensure that the app matches as closely to the user's mental model as possible. In addition, a usability test would reveal any issues with the interface, interactions, or flow of the app.


Enhancing the current Nordstrom Rack app would help customers that feel overwhelmed by the product in Nordstrom Rack stores, by giving customized, in-stock product suggestions, helping shoppers locate the items, and allowing them to self-checkout.

This feature would alleviate the workload of current Nordstrom Rack employees, so they can focus on higher quality customer service, while increasing the number of in-store sales. As the feature becomes fully integrated with the app, there is much opportunity to give shoppers a better, more personalized experience.